Summer 2016 Programs at Vineyard Community Church in Kingston, MA

Artventures: 9:30-12:00 pm

Renaissance 1:30-4 pm

New Adult Art Program! Thursday, August 11th from 7-9pm, cost: $10

Register for the adult by emailing your name and number of participants to

Join Us August 8-12, 2016

Art In Heaven is a non-denominational provider of God-centered fine arts programs for children and adults, hosted by churches or private schools.

We offer a variety of summer programs, afternoon programs and private lessons.

 Our goal is to renew a sense of wonder and amazement in God’s creation and uncover the underlying principles created since the beginning of time by a God of order.

 The programs provide foundational instruction that is not craft-driven, giving the overall experience substance, meaning and purpose.

The end result is a new found confidence in producing artwork through understanding of how God and the artist utilize timeless principles.

Art In Heaven was founded by husband and wife team who are professionals in the field of art and design.

 We invite you to awaken your sense of discovery and see the world with a brand new perspective.

Song credit: Lord’s Prayer by David Coate, Turning Point Records